The wine is ready. Now what?

If we want to preserve our wine, the first thing we need to know is if it is apt for conservation. Generally, any wine with a good structure, good acidity and correct levels of astringency can be conserved for some time. The blandest wines (with less acidity or tannins) are best consumed during the season.

The colour of a wine is a major indicator of its conservation capacity. Red wines with lively tones, reds and rubies are lively wines and can be conserved. But when they begin to take on brownish tones, this is a sign that they are oxidising and their vital cycle is finishing. For this reason, they should be consumed as soon as possible if we want to enjoy their characteristics.

It is very important that wine should be conserved in a fresh place with a constant temperature ( between 12ºand 17º). We must avoid storing wine in the fridge (except for those specially designed for wines), since the cold atmosphere of a conventional fridge dries out the cork and causes rapid oxidation. Therefore, a fridge must only be used to chill sparkling, white and roséwines when they are going to be consumed within a few days.

How to combine food and wine

A good combination can awaken emotions and new contrasts.

Logic tells us that fatty foods should be combined with acid wines; and that sweet dishes are associated with floral and smooth wines.

However, if we dig a little deeper into the magic of combinations we can discover that sweet wines increase acid, astringent and tannin sensations of a dish.

The umami taste (the fifth flavour recognised by oriental tradition after sweet, savoury, bitter and acid) increases the perception of astringents, tannins and acid.

Acid dishes increase our perception of the body and sweetness and decrease our perception of the acidity of a wine.

In the combination with savoury dishes, we notice more the structure of a wine and less its tannins, astringent and acid tones.

Spicy foods give us a greater sensation of tannins, acids and alcohol. Our perception of body, sweetness and shades of fruit is diminished.


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