The elaboration process step by step

A good wine is like good cuisine: the most important element is the raw material. In our case, the vineyard. The soil and its composition, the landscape, the wildlife and the climate transmit determined characteristics and information

In order to transmit this information to each of our bottles, at Loxarel we try to respect as much as possible our surroundings, the countryside and the vineyards where our grapes are grown.

During the year we apply three preparations: preparation 500 obtained by burying horns full of cow manure: preparation 501 consisting of the application of flint in tiny doses —5gr/ha—; and fresh nettle, which acts as an antiseptic. These treatments are carefully carried out to maintain the life of the earth.

The four most important stages of the process are:


Winter pruning

This is carried out during the coldest months and consists of cutting the new shoots, leaving only two or three sprouts. This process is very important as it allows us to regulate production. The number of sprouts indicates approximately the quantity of grapes.


Green pruning

This takes place during the months of May and July and consists of the elimination of secondary shoots and some leaves which cover the grape and prevent ventilation and exposure to the sun. This action helps to mature the grape. It can be done manually or mechanically. In Loxarel we carry out green pruning with a flock of 250 sheep which eat the leaves without touching the fruit, since at this time of the year, the fruit is not yet mature and is very acid and astringent.


The harvest

This is the most waited for moment. The optimum moment to begin harvesting is indicated by the degree of maturity. The grape must only be picked when it is mature. Not before or after. In Loxarel the harvest is all done manually. We place the grape in small boxes or trailers to prevent any rapid oxidation or damage to the grape.



Wine is a noble beverage with more than 5000 years of history. In Loxarel, our desire to respect as much as possible the work done in the vineyards means that we work our wines with simple and honest processes, using the minimum intervention and the minimum addition of any chemical or synthesis products.




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